Friday , 22 September 2017
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Google Glass could potentially help to save lives – says scientists

Google Glass could potentially help to save lives – says scientists

Google Glass the wearable computer device that transmits images of diagnostic report to the user. Google Glass is a pair of eyeglasses without the lenses but with a small rectangular transparent screen near the right eye that functions as a tiny computer screen. A mouse is built into the right arm of the frame.

google glass

An app that works in Google Glass is here that can take picture of a diagnostic test strip, sends the data to a computer which rapidly sends back a diagnostic report to the patient. It is also help researchers to track the spread of diseases around the world.

“It’s very important to detect emerging public health threats early, before an epidemic arises and many lives are lost,” said Aydogan Ozca from University of California, Los Angeles.

“With our Google Glass app and our remote computing and data analysis power, we can deliver a one-two punch – provide quantified biomedical test results for individual patients and analyse all those data to determine whether an outbreak is imminent,” he explained. (Noted in Business Standard)

The Google Glass device is expected to hit stores this year !

What Google Glass Apps Will Look Like – Business Insider

Take a look at what you’ll see through Google Glass.
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