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A mystic game : Dark Souls II !

A mystic game : Dark Souls II !

Dark Souls

Interesting death, have you experienced yet ?

If no, then this game is for you.

Death is so very beautiful in this game, for it comes at the hands of amazing  beasts and warmongers: hulking  armored  knights, shimmering otherworldly invaders, and  tendrils that rise out of black pools of poison.

Dark Souls II asks this question of you at every turn, encouraging you to press onward  in spite of imminent death. And with each death, you lose a little of your humanity and  become more hollow. Your maximum health slightly diminishes each time as well, eventually sinking to 50 percent of  its full value, and yet as each sliver of humanity is sliced away, you heed the call to move onward. At least, you overcome the obstacle that stood between you and victory–that quartet of gargoyles swarming you on a rooftop, that  enhanced demon plunging poisonous pincers into your flesh, that disgusting  mound of meat that defies description. You have triumphed! But your gain does not come without sacrifice. You have sworn, you have  gasped, and you have sweated. You have forfeited your own humanity so you might collect the souls of the damned.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls II is immediately obsessed with the moment-to-moment. Your selected character type will have a huge influence over the early portions, and fighting for your life in the early hours of the game is harrowing due to the near absence of effective shields and weighty drains on stamina. Everything from running to fighting to casting spells takes something out of you, leaving you vulnerable if you expend too much of your recharging stamina meter in a short time. Combat is lethal — your undead hero often facing multiple opponents at once, and every minute movement bears consequence. The spacial flask that keeps you going with its healing liquid holds only a single swig at first, so you’ll rely on consumable items as you learn the ropes. There are repeatable tutorials, but wandering through the early open zones will supply the true education.

Like Dark Soul and Demon’s Souls before it, Dark Souls II is not just a fantasy role-playing adventure, but a cloud that hangs heavy over your head whenever you so much as think about it. These modern classics developed by From Software have rightfully earned a reputation for being brutally difficult, but their beauty is derived not solely from difficulty, but also from dread. Dark Souls II is not a survival horror game in the normal sense, but few games can make you this afraid to peer around the corner, while simultaneously curious as to what awaits you there. Death is so very beautiful in this game, for it comes at the hands of amazing beasts and warmongers: hulking armored knights, shimmering otherworldly invaders, and tendrils that rise out of  black pools of poison. Sure, each death punctures your heart, but one of  Dark Souls II’s many gruesome pleasures is discovering new ways to die.

Dark Souls

The foes you’ll face will now patrol areas, and are more capable of responding to your attempts to divide and conquer. A soldier guarding a doorway might leave his post to come to the aid of a comrade at half-health, creating some exhilarating situations. The beings that inhabit the world are placed with precision, though they cease to reappear after being vanquished enough times. It feels odd at first, it’s in fact a threefold change. It gradually eases the path for those beaten down, encourages players to move forward rather than repeatedly harvesting souls, and introduces the opportunity to use a new rare item. When this particular offering is burnt at the local bonfire, the area is re-populated with enemies as well as bosses, all with renewed vigor, strength and souls. Functioning like a miniature-scale new game plus, this small ritual lets you willingly take on a greater challenge.

The leveling curve is flexible, allowing even a min-maxer devoted to brute strength to indulge in a touch of magic and still wield a fearsome sword. The dark art of respecting is even available if you want to change your character completely late-game. This is a more lenient approach to character sculpting, with the broadened horizons and greatly extended online elements finding a delicate equilibrium between accommodating and harsh.

Now i don’t want to more talk about Dark Souls II. There is the fantastic stretch near the end of the game that fleshes out the story by involving  you in grander battles than you would expect from this series. Then there are the covenants–fellowships that bond you with other players and give you more tools to assist or annihilate each other. Joining one covenant allows other players to come to your aid should you be invaded; joining another lets you battle against characters from the original Dark Souls. How some of these covenants may change the very feel of the game is still unclear at this early stage, but having joined the Bell Keeper covenant, I look forward to being summoned to other worlds and preventing others from reaching the tops of their belfries and sounding out the bell that sways there.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls II is loaded with secrets and surprises, and even though I have finished the game once, there are so many elements I am still uncovering. I may not have yet unveiled all there is to know about this beastly game, even after 80 hours of play, but I do know this: I will be adventuring  for many months to come, sure to be haunted nightly by the disturbing gazes of the faceless titans that tenderize my flesh with their two-ton hammers.

The Good

1. Fantastic sense of discovery

2. Lots of tweaks to the Dark Souls formula that make exploration and combat 3.consistently rewarding

4. Online features make the adventure even more unpredictable

5. Tons of cool, creepy, challenging bosses

6. Gives you minimal guidance and trusts you to triumph on your own terms

The Bad

1. Flat lighting makes some areas look too washed out.

 So,When you starting enjoying your death and mystery of death, hurry it may change your gaming experiences !

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