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Zing : The lighting stumps – New technology in this T20 World Cup !

Zing : The lighting stumps – New technology in this T20 World Cup !


Have you noticed this World Cup cricket match’s stump ?

Yah, you got it. Its all about the lighting stump. New technology in this World Cup cricket. It is generally called LED stump but officially ‘Zing’.

The new Zing Wicket System will see the stumps literally light up with bright red LED’s as soon as the wickets are broken. A sensor in the bails will send a radio signal within 1/1000 of a second even with the slightest impact. However, each bail is precious and costs as much as an iPhone, which means players will not be allowed to take away the stumps and bails as souvenirs after winning a match, because the stumps are highly priced.In every match’s 6 stumps stand for $40k.

zing 2

This stump invented in Australia by Bronte Eckermann. He said “We have USD 40,000 worth of patented technology out on the field at each game and that is a lot of money. Each bail costs as much as an iPhone. We can’t afford to give them away to players at the end of a game”.

Although, Zing Wicket System is not the first time ever. It has been used in the Australian Big Bash and the T20 leagues in Australia and New Zealand before but in the ICC this is the first.

Inventor claimed that Zing’s stump has not broken ever but he was afraid in India-Sri Lanka match for Lasith Malinga’s bowling.

Eckermann thinks, if this kind of stump take a place of favorite, price might be lesser. Then there will be no limitations for souvenirs.

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