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Innovative three wheeler scooter from Yamaha named Tricity unveiled !

Innovative three wheeler scooter from Yamaha named Tricity unveiled !

yamaha tricity scooter 3

Yamaha Tricity, a weird, innovative three-wheeled scooter is ready to open the door to non-scooter riders who are looking for an alternative to public transport. Featuring a light and compact 3-wheel design, and driven by a smooth and economical 125cc engine with fully-automatic transmission, the new Tricity LMW concept is designed to bring a commuting revolution to the streets of Europe.

When parked, it looks more or less like you’re average scooter, but thanks to a front axle that can keep the front wheels parallel, like past offerings from Piaggio, this scooter is able to lean through turns while remaining stable when riding straight.

yamaha tricity scooter

Yamaha Tricity Highlights

* The first Yamaha ‘New Mobility’ urban commuter model

* A realistic, economical and fashionable urban transport solution

* Exclusive Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) engineering

* By far the lightest, most compact and most agile 3-wheeler

* 3-wheel layout provides riding comfort and a good feeling of stability

* Closely spaced front wheels give scooter-like manoeuvrability

* Lightweight aluminium wheels, 14-inch front/12-inch rear

* Front and rear disc brakes for easy controllability

* Unified Brake System (UBS)

* Economical liquid-cooled 125cc 4-stroke engine

* Fully automatic transmission for smooth and easy operation

* Low weight of 152kg (with fuel and oil)

* Large flat footboard and natural upright seating position

* Full-face helmet space under the seat

* Double LED position lights and full LED taillight

* Low purchase price and ownership costs

The Tricity is a Euro-only offering at present, with prices starting at 4,000 Euros ($5,522). It should hit dealers this summer. Take a look below for the full run down from Yamaha in the official press release, as well as a video of the Tricity in action.

yamaha tricity scooter 2

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