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Its all about Twitter, a most famous micro blog !

Its all about Twitter, a most famous micro blog !


Twitter is the world’s most famous micro blog. You can’t find such a social network in the virtual media. Here you can share your hopes, achievements, sorrows, failure, and what you have faced over your life.

Beside that, you can also advertise your products, company etc. For this all you have to design your twitter account with best personality. Lets see the way to get your account better.

Follower Management

It is the most important thing. To get a better traffic you should increase your follower. Because, when someone see your following 1000 people but you haven’t 20 followers he must be skip you. So increase your follower.

Using #Tag

Although the #Tag system will dismiss soon, you can use it till now. When you are looking for something specific you can use #Tag for reaching faster. If you use #Tag everyone can reach your tweet. with faster time. Then you will get follower and traffic also. But using #Tag here and there could not be a great way so all you have to use the #Tag on the starting, on middle and on the last of a tweet.

Using Widget

To get a huge quantity of follower one can use the twitter widget. With this you can increase your follower by placing the widget in different blog. So that they can easily follow you without reaching your blog site.

Favorite Related Tweet

Make some tweet favorite which are related with your keywords. When you make someone’s tweet as your favorite he will follow back you and could be tag you in his next tweet. That’s way you can increase your followers.

Advance Search

 Using  twitter  advance  search  you  can  find  out  specific  topic  from  twitter. You also can find topic from specific locations.  Advance  Search  will  help you  if  you  want  to  promote  your  business  in  a  specific  location.

Tweet Trend

Using trendy topics can easily attract people. When you use trend i mean most talked about topics everyone come forward to have something different and thus you can get more follower. Use your location for best trend topics.

Tweet Length

A good tweeter should use shorter tweet. The shorter the better. Although there is a option of using tweet in 140 word you should use 100-120 words for tweet. Make your expression in 100 words with highly rich words. And tweet, re-tweet and add favorite people.

Right Time Tweet

Make sure you are tweeting in right time. Peak time tweet gets more response- a research by RadiumOne. There are two peak time 10am-12pm and 8pm-12am. So keep tweeting in this time.

Link Position

Try to put a link of related topic when tweets something. Keep eye on the link position and keep the link at beginning, middle and end. Its looks different and people will interest more.

Link Shortener

There are a limitation of every tweet is 140 words. And there has to use a link for reaching faster. So all you have to shorten your link with shortener website. Here some of the given bellow.

Give Option Others

You can ask simple question from trending topics. This is a simple way to engage people. Most of people like to advice.

Picture Using

As you are using social media you should have known how worth a interesting picture. Some trendy picture could be used. So keep tweeting pictures.


Twitter has some privacy policy when follow, unfollow or tweets. You must need to read the twitter privacy policy before start working otherwise you may be banned from twitter.

1.    Never follow or unfollow more than 18 people at a time.

2.    Take a break 10 minutes for each new tweet.

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