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Philips smartphone revolution, GIANT BATTERY in Philips W6618 smartphone

Philips smartphone revolution, GIANT BATTERY in Philips W6618 smartphone


Philips is a well known electronics production company. But the company has gone to the Smartphone revolution, now they are back with the introductory phone called Philips W6618. We know that our readers are “meh” at this time. But have you not heard the whole story. There is an attractive feature that really sets this phone apart from the rest of the fighters in the Smartphone market. The battery backup.

If you take a look, you will realize that you are not alone in the heat of smartphones that should be connected to a power continuously. Especially in Bangladesh, if you use 3G Internet, you must charge the battery at least twice a day on your phone. It even the most boring on smartphones that come with the capacity of the battery is very low (1500 mAh hour rule).

While the Smartphone market is full of inventive features, Philips has a deeper look at what is really needed. And the company has come up with a solution: a better bigger battery.

Philips is a smart phone W6618 entry level model is powered by a quad-core CPU clocked at 1.3 GHz has a MediaTek, a slot MicroSD memory card slot, and a 5-inch screen that fluctuates whooping with qHD resolution. But it’s not the best part. The best part is the battery, which Philips claims can provide backup for more than two months (66 days to be exact) in the standby mode. Switch to speak and you want to run non-stop 33 hours.

Moreover, the actual capacity of the battery is 5300 mAh in W6618. We now believe that Philips can do, right?
There is a downside to all this, however. The phone is a bit thicker than most other smartphones available today. This design is a victim of it had to make. Room for the giant battery to Philips has priced the phone in China with a roof at 1,699 Yuan (that’s about $ 273 U.S. Dollars).

The good news is that Philips W6618 is supposed to be available in selected Asian and European markets.
Without a glance at your smartphone , it is understandable that no power can turn this phone several programs at once , or will be. Matching or other hardcore power-hungry tasks But for most average users, especially people like me who require larger battery, this should not be a blessing. Now, hopefully, performance and quality of construction in order to meet the expectations.

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