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Myths about fitness and weight loss debunked

Myths about fitness and weight loss debunked

Myths about fitness and weight loss -

From years to years myth and rumor growing up from man to man,website to website. Most of time we got misunderstood by friends and families about weight loss and body fitness. But we didn’t think they are not only harmful but also can cause a great body fracture. Leaving the junk facts we wanna share the realities on

The Eat-More-to-Gain-Less Lie:

There is a funny idea that if you are not losing weight and you are on a diet, the best thing for you to do is to increase your overall caloric intake.

The problem with this “fact” is that this makes absolutely no sense. Cutting back the total number of calories you eat in a day will always lead to weight loss. It is scientifically impossible to be adding calories to your diet that you aren’t going to burn and still lose weight.

Not True: Muscle Weight Gain is the same as Weight Gain.

The myth here is that muscle building exercises should be avoided because they cause you to put on added weight of muscle mass. More muscle is also said to make you look bulkier. It’s a total misconception.

This is directly opposed not only to all common sense, but also to scientific advice and governmental guidelines that recommend that healthy adults should perform muscle-strengthening exercises at least twice a week. Added muscle mass actually burns through calories faster than bodies with lower muscle mass. This means less of what you eat gets stored as fat. Adding muscle building exercises into your fitness routine also will burn enough calories to allow you to add some more food into your diet since you’re going to be able to burn off the extra calories anyway.

The Low-Calorie Breakfast is a Delusion:

The weight loss advice that says you should be eating a low-calorie breakfast is probably keeping you from losing weight. The truth is that depriving yourself of needed calories will lead to you overeating later in the day.

It could be that the false idea about eating more to gain less comes from the reality that it is better to eat more calories in the beginning of the day than you eat later on. While you should limit the number of calories that you eat overall to lose weight, studies have found that eating a bigger meal for breakfast is more helpful for losing weight than skipping the meal altogether. Skipping breakfast has actually been shown to be a risk for causing obesity. Eating a low-calorie breakfast of under three hundred calories is not going to help you lose weight, you will only find yourself hungry very quickly after your daily routine burns through those calories.

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