Friday , 22 September 2017
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The ultimate bicycle – Cylo bicycles !

The ultimate bicycle – Cylo bicycles !


Bicycle is a very good transport system not for only traffic jam but it has a great ability to make you fit and sound. In our country bicycle has already got a position on young peoples choice. Today will introduce with such a revolutionary bicycle.

Cylo is a branded bicycle from Urban Bicycle. Its a new company and they are very confident about their bicycle. They said, Cylo is a ultimate bicycle.


The Cylo bicycles made of aluminum frame, combining with weight ang height, and a carbon belt chain, which promises performance and safety. They also feature front and rear LED lights built into the frames, which lighten with 205 lumens of illumination. There is also a brake light, triggered by an accelerometer, that’s designed to prevent Cylo users being hit from behind anytime. The lights are runs with a dynamo, meaning the more you ride the more they lighten. They also keep lighting for five minutes after you stop pedaling.

Three models of Cylo are available with prices ranging from US$1850 to $3150. The entry-level one will be single-speed, while the high-end model will have an 11-speed gearing system. There are other differences between the models but all feature aluminum frames and carbon belt chains. The model pictured is the Cylo One, which currently has a price tag of $2199.

Cylo is currently in finalizing pre-production, with the parts and manufacturing still being finalized. The first batch of 50 bicycles is coming these months, you can pre-order it. The initial batch’s bicycles are only for US and could not be export internationally.

So, our guys may wait for some days more to get such a ultimate bicycle. Stay with we will inform the latest news as soon you need.

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