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Five things you should know before buying a Mobile phone !

Five things you should know before buying a Mobile phone !

Five things you should know before buying a Mobile phone

Mobile phones have developed inconceivably rapidly in the last few years. They permit us to stay joined with loved ones, to catch paramount minutes in our lives, and to get to the unfathomable information of the Internet.

Toss in a gigantic reach of applications for all intents and purpose each reason possible and you’ve got the sort of innovation that we could just dream around several decades back.

In the event that you still haven’t lifted one up then, well, you’re in a decreasing minority and you’re truly passing up a great opportunity. Anyway whether you’re at last taking the plunge, or you’re looking to overhaul, discovering the right mobile phone is never simple. There’s so much decision and a considerable measure to research cell phone technology.

You’re likely going to be using the following two years together, so you certainly need to think on it before you pull the trigger. Don’t stress however, as we’re here to help with a clear take a gander at all that you have to know to settle on an educated choice.

What sorts of mobile phone are there?

Need to get another mobile phone? It doesn’t need to simply be an inquiry of whether to get the most recent iphone or Galaxy handset – there are numerous sorts of telecommunication gadget out there, so here’s a straightforward rundown of what makes a mobile phone brilliant, and when it truly turns into a tablet.


Standard cell phone screens range from 3.5 inches up to around 5.5 inches, and are for the most part catch-less. You’ll see the odd console-toting exemption to the touch screen principle, yet generally the physical key is passing on, with the exception of force and volume.

We’re trusting another universe of adaptability (as in screens that can curve) will open new structure components, yet this is certainly the time of the rectangle with regards to mobile phones.

Past the fundamental shape there’s a sliding scale of fittings that manages the cost. Less expensive by and large means a poorer execution, yet not so much excessively awful that you shouldn’t be considering buy.

Cell phones are all-rounders and they’re intended for everybody.


On the off chance that you need something greater, however not as large as a tablet, then you can discover some monster mobile phones pushing past 5-inch to go the distance up to 7-inch screens, where tablets formally begin.

To be a genuine phablet a gadget ought to join characteristics of a mobile phone and a tablet. The best sample is the Galaxy Note arrangement with its helpful stylus (in spite of the fact that Samsung lean towards ‘S Pen’) and extent of programming characteristics to exploit that additional space.

In case you’re more intrigued by alternate characteristics of a cell phone, past calls and correspondence, then super-sized mobile phones and phablets could be up your road.

Characteristic and basic mobile phones

Some individuals simply need a mobile phone to make calls. You can get essential mobile phones for £30 and they’ll suit luddites who need a mobile phone.

There are likewise still various characteristic mobile phones accessible that endeavor to copy cell phones and fizzle severely.

The fact of the matter is that financial plan mobile phones running Android and even Windows Phone these days are so shoddy you shouldn’t ever think about taking a venture over to the place where there is characteristic mobile phones unless you positively just need to make calls or writings – or need a mobile phone to last the week at a celebration.

Five things you have to know

It could be overwhelming entering the universe of the cell phone, or actually picking a conventional characteristic mobile phone, if all you’ve ever known is a refuse Nokia from decades prior.

Here’s our little trick sheet illustrating the top things you ought to be paying special mind to:

Screen size and determination

The greater the screen you try for, the better your experience will be for perusing, gaming, scanning the web, and viewing features, however the exchange-off is additional weight and size.

The general pattern has been towards bigger screens and 5 inches is normal for lead Android cell phones.

The determination figures out how sharp your screen will be and it will affect on all that you do on your mobile phone. In case you’re hailing from a more established gadget then 720p will presumably awe, however the most recent high-end mobile phones are bragging full HD 1080p resolutions as standard.

Processor and RAM

A quick multi-center processor will have the capacity to handle all the most recent recreations. On the off chance that its went down by a conventional measure of RAM then you’ll have the capacity to switch lock stock and done with applications rapidly and productively.

As a rule higher is better, however a few makers get more from the equipment than others. A quad center processor can make lighter work of feature recording, double center gadgets will generally be better on the battery.

For RAM dependably search for no less than 1gb – anything less (unless you’re paying peanuts and couldn’t care less) will accumulate you a lazy handset)


The clear decisions are Android and ios. Both stages are smooth, simple to get to grasps with, and have immense libraries of applications to purchase and download.

Windows Phone is an inaccessible, yet valid third, with some decent customization alternatives and a sensible decision of applications. We can’t generally propose Blackberry any more – despite the fact that on the off chance that it does arrange an exceptional turnaround, we’ll tell you.


You’ll be astonished how rapidly your cell phone tops off with new applications and amusements to appreciate, photographs and features, and different odds and ends.

It’s once in a while a shrewd move to take the most reduced choice regarding stockpiling, and you’ll find that microsd cards and distributed storage choices are no match for more inside capacity.

As a dependable guideline strive for 16gb unless you’re unyielding that you’ll never download an application or two or listen to music – in which case, question on the off chance that you truly require a cell phone.

Verifying there’s a micro-sd opening will likewise provide for you significant serenity for the future – it won’t assist with application space however will offer a great spot for motion pictures, music and photographs later on.

Trust us: stockpiling tops off quicker than you may might suspect.


For a large portion of us our cell phone is likewise our principle Polaroid, so you’ll need to ponder how your prospective buy handles photographs and features.

Don’t simply check the megapixel tally. Higher is not so much better. You likewise need to contemplate low-light execution, screen rate, and an assembly of different settings.

On the off chance that its an essential component for you then verify you analyze the nature of shots on distinctive mobile phones before you choose.

Price guide, language clarified and our proposal

The amount will I have to use?

You can walk away with a just took the ribbon off new cell phone for no cash down on the off chance that you sign up to a two-year contract, yet verify that you do your totals first.

These arrangements are not generally especially great and its not difficult to overlook that £35 for every month for 24 months is £840. Check the cost of the cell phone as an opened standalone buy and take a gander at the level of administration you require.

In case you’re striving for a cell phone then the 16gb Moto G at £160 is truly extraordinary worth for cash.

You can additionally get close bleeding edge power with the Nexus 5 at simply £299. The greater part of leads, in the same way as the iphone 5s, the Galaxy S5, and the Xperia Z2 are going to cost you in any event £550.

In case you’re ready to strive for a year ago top cell phone then £400 ought to be sufficient, and costs simply continue dropping the further you do a reversal.

Cell phones have enhanced so quickly that the Galaxy S3 will in any case provide food for most individuals’ needs in style and it might be gobbled up for as meager as £200.

What mobile phone does Techradar propose?

In the event that you need something excellent and smooth then we suggest the just out of the plastic new HTC One (M8). It’s the sort of mobile phone that anybody could fall head over heels in love for. For individuals with restricted money the Moto G is a really incredible choice.

Be that as it may in case you’re battling with such a variety of mobile phones to browse look at our main 20 best mobile phones for a nitty gritty take a gander at all of your best choices at this moment.

Furthermore regardless of the fact that cash’s tight, you don’t need to do without having a cell phone. You’ll discover some overpowering alternatives at low, low costs as we dive into the domain of the best shabby cell phones available.

What different things would it be a good idea for me to think about?

You ought to doubtlessly pick your transporter painstakingly and ponder the agreement you sign up to. There’s a ton of fervor something like 4g paces, however in the event that you live outside the scope zone, your mobile phone doesn’t help 4g, or you’ve just got 250mb of information to blaze through every month, then its an included cost that you basically needn’t bother with.

Battery life is constantly vital, however there are some real contrasts between the top mobile phones. Don’t simply take a gander at the mah (milliampere hour) rating.

You ought to think about other force-sparing characteristics as well. On the off chance that you jump at the chance to convey an extra, verify that your prospective new mobile phone has a removable battery. It’s value recalling that a percentage of the most recent mobile phones help remote charging also.

There are heaps of connectivity characteristics that may demonstrate critical. The most recent Bluetooth 4.0 LE (low vitality) is needed by a considerable measure of the new wellness following gadgets, and its useful for streaming music too, so that is something to watch out for on the off chance that you mean on utilizing a ton of extras.

In the event that you need to have the capacity to pay for things with your mobile phone then you may need NFC (close field correspondence) help.

The most ideal approach to verify that the mobile phone you’re acknowledging ticks all the crates is to make a rundown of those characteristics that you can’t manage without.

Mobile phone language demonstrated

Operating System, OS, or Platform: alludes to the product running on your mobile phone, so either Android, ios, or Windows 8.

3g or 4g: 3g is the third-era of mobile phone engineering, 4g is the fourth-era. Every era is quicker than the last.

Scope: this is the territory where you can get a versatile sign.

Determination and PPI: determination manages how sharp the screen is as a measure of the pixels. Full high definition (HD) is 1920 x 1080 pixels, however size elements in too, so you’ll regularly see PPI, which remains for pixels for every inch. The higher it is, the more keen the screen will show up.

Processor, GPU or CPU: directs the fittings that runs the framework. The all the more effective it is, the quicker your mobile phone will have the capacity to run.

Applications: programming projects that run on your mobile phone, they might be anything from Facebook to Flappy Bird.

RAM: Random Access Memory empowers you to switch well and done with applications all the more rapidly. The higher it is the better your mobile phone will handle multitasking.

Internal storage: the amount room you have for documents, applications and motion pictures. It’s generally measured in GB and the higher the number is, the more room you’ll have.

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