Friday , 22 September 2017
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Samsung Galaxy S5 can do eight things that Apple iPhone 5S can’t !

Samsung Galaxy S5 can do eight things that Apple iPhone 5S can’t !


The competition between the two best smartphone manufacturers continues. Samsung undraped its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, a month back and it’s pretty impressive.

So amazing, in fact, that it will lots of things that Apple’s latest iPhone cannot do (and we’re not even as well as the variations between iOS and Android’s OS).

Bath it in Water for few minutes !

You can bath your Samsung Galaxy S5 in water for a couple of minutes without breaking it. We all comprehend what happens after an Apple iPhone 5S takes a bath.

Heart rate screen

Samsung Galaxy S5 rear camera flash includes a integral vital sign monitor therefore you’ll check your pulse right from your phone.


Samsung Galaxy S5 camera shoots 16 megapixels photos. But Apple iPhone 5S camera solely has 8 megapixels.


Like the iPhone, the Galaxy S5 comes in 16GB and 32GB models. The iPhone additionally includes a 64GB model, however the S5 includes a microSD memory card slot, expandable to a thumping 128GB.

HDR preview

The Galaxy S5 is additionally the primary phone with live HDR preview, therefore you’ll see what the popular result can do to your pic before you shoot it.

Toggle through totally different modes

The Galaxy S5 enables you to toggle through totally different modes if you are loaning it to somebody. straightforward Mode simplifies the interface and youngsters Mode restricts it.


A Galaxy S5 will virtually scale back its screen to black and white to avoid wasting you battery. once the phone gets low on power, it drops into a monochrome power-saving mode, that doubles the remaining battery life.

If your battery starts making issues, you’ll take away it, and replace it with a brand new one. cannot do this with associate degree iPhone.

Image chip

The Galaxy S5 has a picture chip that dynamically adjusts the colour and distinction of the screen supported the sunshine around you, therefore you’ll see it well all told environments.

You can use the Galaxy S5 as an overseas, as a result of it’s associate degree infrared workman on the highest.

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