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YotaPhone handset launches in India via Flipkart !

YotaPhone handset launches in India via Flipkart !


The Russian company called Yota Devices who is famed for dual screen smartphone handset launches its 1st device in India via Flipkart.

The company launched 2 smartphones up to now. The 1st generation YotaPhone was undraped at CES last year whereas started shipping solely by Dec 2013. The corporate upgraded its real dual-screen handset at MWC with next-generation YotaPhone.

The Flipkart spilled the beans that concerning the launching of dual-screen smartphone while sending a report sent to the concerned partners.

But the report solely mentions the Yota brand and also listed alongside, the Flipkart’s alternative exclusive handset offerings from manufacturers like Motorola, Asus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Spice android One and Lenovo.

There’s no word concerning the precise launch day or even the details regarding the rating or model concerning the YotaPhone expected for launching in the India.

The brand new YotaPhone of 2014 is with a lot of features that enhances interaction and have the new hardware and software package options, than its forerunner. The handset has a quad-core snapdragon 800 processor. The handset is Android-based and it had said the version is latest during the launching.

The one among the largest upgrades within the new device is that the full-touch management for YotaPhone’s 4.7 E-ink display that is always on, It is one thing that missing in previous generation handset. The brand new handset launches in Europe in 2014, and thenceforth in 2015 create its approach globally. For now, no rating details are given.

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