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Is your Android Phone Under Attack?

Is your Android Phone Under Attack?

Android Under Attack

What you think about a Samsung Galaxy S5 and an iPhone 6? Is it less secure than iPhone 6? May be a Nexus more probably to be nobbled than a Nokia. If you raise security from Kaspersky Labs, the solution to each queries may be a reverberant “True”. Its current cyber-threats survey, created in conjunction with a police agency Interpol, found that one in each 5 android devices was attacked by malware a minimum of once.

Now one million devices were targeted by malwares that’s more than in the other year thus far.

Kaspersky is publishing this study to assist promote its own security software system and business. So I think that do tend to trust the murmuring of Karspersky completely?

As much as we’d wish to fake otherwise, Android is additionally susceptible to malwares than other different platforms. That’s not essentially as a result of it’s less secure, though. It’s as a result of multiple app stores and ads in free apps. Android is friendly for apps than iPhone. So its not the fault of Android for being susceptible to malwares. On android you have got a lot of| wider selection and he Play Store do only a looser management than Apple, that is why the Android experience such a lot of copies of original applications, and sadly that may be exploited by some culprits to reload the malwares.

Most users don’t understand the risks they are downloading to the phone while installing the free apps from Google Play store. The highly controlled App Store let yo to prison-break the device.

The most reasonable attack happened is that the SMS Trojan, it is a malware that sends messages to premium numbers while not users give permission, and currently its happening in Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Germany and Ukraine. In keeping with Kaspersky, “this is as a result of individuals in these countries usually pay money for content and on-line services via SMS;  cyber-criminals take this opportunity to legitimise malicious attacks as a result of they will use these services to transfer money from post-paid mobile accounts. 

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