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Get Cosmos for Android and Grab internet surfing via SMS !

Get Cosmos for Android and Grab internet surfing via SMS !


The Cosmos Browser for Android are going to be a gold rush, wherever there is a situation where a web connection will generally be exhausting to seek out, This app can enable you to browse the online while not having connection to a web pipeline. Merely punch in the URL, and also the application utilizes SMS to send you a text-only and image free version of the web site that you just requested.

The Cosmos browser is launching and it is really a fascinating means for obtaining the data into the hands of the people who simply don’t have the infrastructure in situ to take care of a web connection.

The developing Android app that referred as the Cosmos Browser desires to provide you a workaround to the current, utilizing solely the SMS which is a primarily based text messages. All a user needs to do is enter the URL of the positioning to be loaded within the Cosmos Browser, and also the browser sends this data as a text message. This can be done employing a service known as Twilio that permits package developers to form and receive calls and text messages utilizing its internet Apis.

Once the SMS hits the backend of Cosmos, the page is then fetched and so stripped right down to the clean text parts. These are then sent to users as text messages, thus you’ll browse an internet page with simply SMS access. Prior to the sending, the messages are compressed and decompressed by the Cosmos browser that then displays the text parts, reducing the number of information that mustbe transmitted. After loading the page, the messages are get deleted, thus you do not litter the inbox.

Customers would ought to acquire the SMS to request the information, however in several countries, receiving messages is free, thus this can be truly a really low-cost way to browse the online as well, leaving aside connectivity problems.

Cosmos is that the work of a 4man group, and Stefan who is one amongst the 2 people functioning on the Android aspect of development, answered a couple of questions about the application on Reddit.

Stephan was able to make sure that the application works well with international phone numbers, and he also aforesaid that the app can most likely be plugged in Google Play shortly.

Reddit takes about twelve seconds and he added that the team desires to boost their compression technique, which might have a quicker loading.

Twilio to India are categorized as Promotional messages and cannot be delivered if your range is registered on the National DND registry. To envision your standing, visit this page. If you are already on DND, then you’ll disable this by sending a message with the text “STOP 0” to the number 1909. Promotional messages are restricted to control between 9am and 9pm IST on a daily basis, and every Twilio sending range will solely send one hundred messages per day in India.

To keep prices down, you have to possess a vast text plan by keeping a plan in mind that receiving websites through message continues to be reached via slow process regardless of how bare-bones the results are.

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