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Automatic back up and data storing via Bleep handset charging cable !

Automatic back up and data storing via Bleep handset charging cable !

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There is an easy Smartphone charging cable. This gadget for charging is called the Bleep charging cable, and this will fits in to Smartphone of all kind of the brands. This smart gadget can backs up all of the information in the handset as before long as you connect it to our gadget. The customer needed to tries to transfer the free Bleep app for the Smartphone and connect the charging cable to the device, log in to the free Bleep account, customize the backup settings, and all of your confidential information is secured at intervals the intrinsically internal storage of Bleep.

With bleep you will get many advantages:

  • The automatic backup for the personal and professional information can be done.
  • There is a memory-stick as the charging cable.
  • There is a high quality charging cable.

This gadget will support the plug-and-
play technique. So we will be able to simply plug-in the charger to any Android/iOS Smartphone, and build a separate backup unit to store all of your confidential information.

The password protection by the app is very good. All your backed-up confidential information is password protected in the Bleep. You’re needed to set a password, and will solely gain access to all your information by typing the pass code.

Built-in Internal Storage of Bleep is capable of housing 16 GB to 64 GB of your private information.

Bleep communicates with the handset through the free downloadable app, and mechanically syncs the everyday information from the contacts of users, WhatsApp, pictures, history, videos and different media that stored inside the Smartphone. The entire backup of all of the data gets stored once we plug the device for certain charging.

Recovering your information from Bleep when Smartphone is lost can be done easily and data recovery is straightforward. All we would like to solely insert the Bleep cable to the other Smartphone, and select the info you wish to revive. Then after key in your password, the data is restored immediately in the handset.

Bleep is the best alternative to cloud and the Bleep charging cable is certainly a viable alternative to cloud backup, because the charging cable doesn’t need internet connection, unlike the cloud.

Now the Bleep charging cable needs your funding, and therefore the device is listed on crowd-funding portal Indegogo. This gadget has even exceeded its funding goal, and then the Indegogo campaign is open until twenty four October.

Early contributors get to save two hundredth on the gadget’s retail value, once it’s formally launched, along with a free USB wall charger and free shipping for people within the US and Israel.

Simply type your password, and in click you can be back to your business and bleep syncs together with your Smartphone utilizing “On-The-Go” technology and also supports Android and iOS platforms. This technology will allow the fast, speedy and easy-to-use data transfer between the external devices. Moreover, the cable works as a memory stick which may be utilized both with a PC and with a handset for viewing, piece of writing or transferring files.

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