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Have you know – How gaming apps are designed on android?

Have you know – How gaming apps are designed on android?

How gaming apps are designed on android

Play Games services will assist you in Android game development. The SDK of this program gives cross-platform Games services to integrate popular gaming features easily. They include leader-boards, achievements, real-time multi-player and saved games in your mobile and tablet games.

Thus you will be able to install a sample game app for Android and you can speedily get started to develop your own game for Android tablet or phone. There is a procedure called Type-a-Number Challenge sample app and it demonstrates how will be able to integrate leader-boards and achievements into your Android game. You have to set up the Android development environment before you begin. You have to know about how to build your first app. To test the game you must have an Android device that runs in version 2.3, Gingerbread or higher.

Android game development Step 1:

You have to download sample Android application first of all and you have to extract the sample app files to your development system. Then you need to install the Google Play services SDK. From the Android samples you should import the TypeA_number and Base Game Utilities code into the workspace of Eclipse. After the downloading, browse to the directory and import the files. You should make roper reference for the utilization of library projects for your Android project. There is a provision in Enclipse IDE for this.

Then you need to project open AndroidManifest.xml the Type-a-Number Challenge and modify the package name to a new one as per your desire. The modified package name should not begin with Or,com.example.

Android game development Step 2:

Then set up the game in the Console of Google Play Developer. Here you can manage the Games services for the game, and you can configure the metadata for the authorization and authentication of the game. For this, you have to point the web browser to console and you must sign in. Then you have to use the placeholder icons and screenshots. Then follow the steps to get a clientID for the Android app. When linking the Android game application, you have to make sure that you must specified the real package name that you utilized when renaming the sample package.

You must record the information including the application ID and the signing certificate that you must note the certificate you utilized when setting up the API access. Then configure the achievements for the Type-a-Number Challenge. Then Select the Achievements in the Google Play Developer Console. Then you should record the IDs for each achievement you entered. You have to configure the achievements that are appropriate for the game.

How to configure the leader-boards for Type-a-Number Challenge:

First of all you have to select the Leaderboards tab in the console. Then add 2 sample leaderboards: one named as “Easy High Scores” and another one named as “Hard High Scores”. You have to add some test accounts for the game you are going to develop. In this step you needed only the steps for apps that have not in the Google Play Developer Console. Prior to the publishing of app, only the test accounts that listed in the Console can log in. So, once an app is published, each one is allowed to log in.

Android game development Step 3:

To run the game, you have to configure the app ID as a resource in the Android project. Then you will also need to add games metadata in AndroidManifest.xml. To ensure that Games services are functioning correctly in the game you developed, test the game app before you have to publish it on Google Play.

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