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Yotaphone-2 rephrases dual screen smartphone technology with an expected best Price Rs. 53,999!

Yotaphone-2 rephrases dual screen smartphone technology with an expected best Price Rs. 53,999!


Smartphone companies are competing in terms of specs and other handset features. Yota Devices now diverted their attention to dual screen devices to win the competition. This Russian company already introduced their first and foremost dual screen Yotaphone in May, 2014. The 2nd generation gadget is a greatly enhanced version that equipped with many additional features…!!!

The phone snatched worldwide attention once Russian President Vladimir Putin bestowed the Yotaphone2 to Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Apec Summit in Beijing. Vlad Martynov, business executive of Yota Devices mentioned that the entire market is taking possession the incorrect direction by choosing powerful and hungry processors and 41MP camera specs.

The phone is supercharged by a pair of.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm processor with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage capability with no possibility for microSD slot. It’s expected to be priced at Rs. 53,999 and is accessible at major stores.

“Why do individuals want them? Customers are brainwashed by promoting ways. We tend to challenge the smartphone business,” Martynov aforesaid.
The first-generation device was a concept and a “proof of our concept” and was produced in restricted quantities.

The phone is intended to unravel smartphone user’s problems with the present sleep-mode screens of handsets, he said, and additionally said that a typical customer picks up and activates their handset over one hundred fifty times daily…! He aforesaid the sleep-mode screen could be a large distraction and may impede purposeful interaction with individuals.

The front has an 8MP camera and also the back has 2MP on the front. Each screen will be used as a view finder. The 5 inch AMOLED front screen contains a resolution of 1920 x 1080 constituents with a pixel density of 442 per in. compared to iPhone 6’s 326 pixels per in. The e-ink rear screen with qHD 960×540 resolution can stay in situ if the battery dies and also the company says the device permits for one hundred hours of comfy e-reading because it uses less power.

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