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Fastest Smartphone processor – Apple A8 or Snapdragon 808 or Exynos 7420?

Fastest Smartphone processor – Apple A8 or Snapdragon 808 or Exynos 7420?

Smartphones at top speed. Which one is the winner?

Having a Smartphone has become for many a multipurpose acquisition, the versatility of these machines allow users to develop all sorts of activities and in some businesses have become an indispensable tool, really making them a worthwhile investment. Yet the variety of brands and models, tends to confuse some users when choosing with which they will stay. Many times we do not understand for sure the criteria to consider when choosing our Smartphones. But one thing is certain if speed of the devices is concerned, you should assess the performance of the processors, focusing on the tasks that you’ll run with your phone. We will give you a short description of the three fastest processors implemented in 2015 Smartphones.

Apple A8: The core of the iPhone 6

Apple A8

This processor has a considerable improvement respect the size of the A7, it is 8.5 % smaller and developed with 20 Nanometer technology, the two CPU cores now have independent cache memories and architecture ARMv8 working at 64- bits each one reaching up to 1.40 GHz, The GPU has also been reduced in size, designed with the name Imagination PowerVR GX6450.It has an approximate performance of 18fps in game playing and either the best performance when working with a single core. We can further noted that this processor enjoys the best adequacy with IOS 8 operating system.Obtaining the smoother run in daily tasks of the list.

Snapdragon 808: A strategic decision for LG G4

Snapdragon 808

Using this processor instead of the Snapdragon processor 810, it was used as leaked in the press, to fix some problems with the heating of the whole device. Like multitasking performance for a 6-core processor should be outstanding, is not always above the Iphone 6. Implements a Dual-core ARM Cortex A57 and A53 Quad-core with a top performance at 1.8 GHz. The third dimension rendering it’sslightly 6 points over the Iphone in the 3DMark tests for video. Although about 3 FPS behind the Iphone 6 in the performance in of high demand games. It is a perfect balance between price and performance, obtaining the maximum battery life with the processor at maximum speed, earning the undisputed second place in the list.

Exynos 7420Octa-core SoC: A little bit of excess in the Samsung Galaxy S6

Exynos 7420

The implementation of an 8-core processor is one of the greatest innovations that Samsung decided to launch through the publicity campaign against Apple. However we question the real use of all the capacity in the device. The processor operates at 2.1 GHz and has a very similar architecture to the LG G4, the difference lies in the implementation of a Cortex A57 Quad-core rather than a Dual-core, meanwhile GPU is a Mali- T760 MP8. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has the most complete multitasking capability of the list, although rarely need to implement the 8 cores while performing multiple tasks. In the long term this can give you an edge over new applications as they are launched to the market, but by the time we are able to exploit all the performance,there might be other cheaper options, perhaps launched by Samsung itself.


The iPhone 6 clearly has an outstanding performance when implemented on a single task, also has an excellent level of FPS for games processing, but the explanation is not so simple. One of the reasons the Iphone 6 has better performance is due to the smaller amount of pixels on the screen. The LG G4 has excellent performance for Internet browsing and its battery allows processing at high speed with greater energy stability, but to have 6 cores its processor does not usually compete against the iPhone 6 with only 2. Finally considering the Samsung Galaxy S6, plus excellent performance in games, the GPU renders the edges of the phone (one of the most striking elements of the Edge version). Although as we mentioned it’s over-sized capacity, its main contra is the temperature level reached when working with more than half its capacity. All the three are excellent choices. Considering their prices everyone should be able to identify which choice is best suited for their needs.

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