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How smartphone apps helps in stock market real-time trading?

How smartphone apps helps in stock market real-time trading?

Real-time trading in your Smartphone:

It is no secret that the most important flow of today’s economy lies in the stock market. When companies began to collect additional money from the sales of shares, the world learned a new format in the economy. The fortunes where long time ago cultivated through saving and hard-working (if they ever were forged in this way), now we know the foundation for success and financial freedom is in the endless wheel of the stock market. Formerly was much more difficult to predict the financial success of some corporation, the telephone line was the keyhole through which brokers kept informed investors about their royalties management and producing their money. Today the management of the economy has moved closer to ordinary investors, those who put their money in this game to win or lose.

The development of technological equipment made actions the management of the actions a more fluid process, but until now we’ve just known what it really means marketing actions in real time. With the development of the latest technology in smartphones, the connection at all times with the information network has become a must for key decisions on the following a strategic moves. As the Golf played a key role in the business culture during the late 90’s, smartphones now have begun to transform into aces up the sleeves for real-time trading. We will present two of the most outstanding applications that will help you to break into the market or maintain more control of your assets in case you already did.

Daily Finance:

daily finance

It is a perfect application for those who have invested or wish to invest in the US stock market, with support for Android, IOS and Black Berry platforms. With this application you will have real-time quotations of all the actions with representation in the US. It also allows up to 25 portfolios to track their changes in a historical timeline. Additionally we can create alerts to monitor the change of values. This is definitely real-time, updates arrive every two minutes. The perfect tool for runners of the XXI century, with experience in language and system of this type of business.

Plus 500:


For beginners there is also a very interesting application, once ago entrepreneurs played gambling all or nothing in the stocks, currencies or commodities trading markets. This application would have saved many from bankruptcy. It has a real-time simulator working with the actual values of the bag. Through this function the less versed can be trained to develop their intuition in order to achieve better profits when they decide to invest in the real market. It has also alert notifications for price levels and the ability to manage, the sometimes preferred forex market.

Definitely a must try if you want to invest in the stock market or just study the field. There are not unique, but we found them to be among the best. Do you dare to invest in the stock market? It’s probably one of the experiences more uncertain and potentially exciting for business people.

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