Friday , 22 September 2017
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Heartbleed also affects gaming sites


For some strange reason, despite being a big deal in internet security, the Heartbleed hole hasn’t been getting much attention. You may not even know about it. But you should, because it also affected your gaming portals. Most of us feel safe on the… Read More »

Movie review: Tinker Bell and The Pirate Fairy !


Disney has released Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy, is the fifth animation of Tinkerbell series. The Geek daughter owns and holds the last four, so it was normal that as soon as she saw the trailer for the new and she wanted to see it. We have taken the opportunity of this medium-term to enjoy some family movies, and ... Read More »

New twitter: a step toward Facebook !


A larger profile photo, a big box and a larger flag to a picture that can be displayed on your feed window – Twitter has a new design of your social network profile with more excellent pictures introduced in all. Photos and popular tweets will be much more focused on the redesign of Twitter, which roughly resembles a timeline. Here ... Read More »

The deathly Windows XP and Safety tips to stay safe!


We already came to know that Microsoft stopped update of Windows XP but we also know that 30 percent of the PCs still using Windows XP in online application. So, if you arrive late to upgrade or have decided not to change the operating system, check out these tips to keep safe as possible. Do not use Internet Explorer It is ... Read More »

New blast of USB technology


If you thought USB 3.0 was facing meltingly fast, wait until you try to transfer files with what comes next. On the last Thursday announced that the USB Promoter Group has signed the final specifications for USB 3.1, is a technology level in preparation for the USB 3.0’s 5 gigabytes per second transfer rate to 10 Gbps duplicate. “SuperSpeed USB”, ... Read More »

Have you know about Internet Security?

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Internet is not safer place now. There are numerous viruses that can follow on your computer when downloads videos, browsing the Internet, opening a document, or check your email. Viruses can be very harmful to your computer as they can all kinds of effects, such as your computer may have slower, data are stolen, and the hardware may even be ... Read More »