Friday , 22 September 2017
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iPhone Vs Android – Have you know?


Smartphone is now smart companion of life. Everyday we use it to simple life a little bit. A billion Smartphone might be purchased in 2014. 90% of the Smartphone market is occupied by either Apple’s iOS-running iPhone’s or Smartphone powered by Google’s Android operating system. Deciding which of these two is right for you is the big question when you ... Read More »

Make Money by doing some survey work !


Make money by doing some survey work. Share your thoughts and pick your comments. With the economy in the state, outsourcing is a growing trend, and high unemployment, many people are struggling to find ways to support themselves. People lost their jobs and do not know where to turn to find a replacement. Job It is particularly difficult for single parents, ... Read More »

Foods should be leave, hidden health threats !


Supermarket foods found in most refrigerators and freezers today are actually filled with hidden health threats? Every time you eat them, the health, body and life goes in danger. We can even try to make that still hurting ourselves making. Stay away from containers and try to go Organic as much as possible. are here to help you with ... Read More »

Undo Sent Mails On Gmail, Lab Feature In Google Mail !

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Oh! Ho! You have just sent a mail which spelled “Dear’’ in wrong. Don’t worry Gmail has a great feature to undo the mail. With it you can undo your sent mails within 30 seconds highest limit. So let’s see how it work. 1. First of all just click on your “Setting” icon. Which will be at the highest corner ... Read More »

Fitness tips that you have not applied yet


Daily life and some good actives are the most important source to remain fit both on mind and body. Most of the time we run after wrong and life got more complicated and painful but interesting thing is that we can easily escape them by changing out thoughts and Work style. brought you some special fitness tips to be ... Read More »

Have you know, the uses of EarPod !


We know all who have used Iphone’s Earpod. Its a musical blast for Music lovers.  Earpod exist three buttons to control Music and call function. But sometime we don’t look them mindfully so we didn’t get the original test of Earpod. Here we will discuss about the buttons and why they are. 1. Volume Raise the volume by clicking on ... Read More »

Making Website is fun now !

website crteation

Now-a-days, you do not need to be a genius in technology to build a website. Actually, you do not even need to be tech-savvy. Building websites is no longer reserved for technicians who know the ins and outs of computers and can write code. Website creation is now very easy with template. With drag and drop editors and endless choices ... Read More »

Tourist behavior guide in some country !


Every country and every region has a significance greatness in their culture and historical importance own behavior. Because, our daily life’s, some activities may be the worst thing for foreigner. Today we will show you some tips that should be avoid in following countries. When we move abroad we should follow some rules or avoid. Japan • No tipping. Tipping ... Read More »

Have you know, Google searches can do much more!


Have you know, Google searches can do much more than give you a bunch of links. These ten tips will help you a ninja by Google. 1. Find phone number When you find phone number use country code or area code to reach your destination easily. It will bring up the name and address of the person or business connected ... Read More »

The three talkable Android App


We know how important information are. We wish to inform the world with our great care. Today as our exceptional share experience we want to show some Android  app review. And we gonna discus about the three apps that are enabled with talking feature. So let’s see the Apps… Talking clock: EQ Stime This is a favorite app to the ... Read More »