Friday , 22 September 2017
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How to advertise blog or website via Facebook?

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Increase Friends: Friends and supporters are important to all areas of social world. More friends to you more opportunities to promote site easily using Facebook. Complete your Facebook profile 100%, as they can help you make more friends. Now add new friends. Post interesting things: As I am saying, interesting post that are related with trends can give an unbelievable ... Read More »

Heartbleed also affects gaming sites


For some strange reason, despite being a big deal in internet security, the Heartbleed hole hasn’t been getting much attention. You may not even know about it. But you should, because it also affected your gaming portals. Most of us feel safe on the… Read More »

Have you know about Internet Security?

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Internet is not safer place now. There are numerous viruses that can follow on your computer when downloads videos, browsing the Internet, opening a document, or check your email. Viruses can be very harmful to your computer as they can all kinds of effects, such as your computer may have slower, data are stolen, and the hardware may even be ... Read More »

Fantastic places of the world part 1 !


There are numerous fantastic places in this planet. Many of us think that the amazing places existence on the planet of Elian. Too many amazing places we can find that it will be very difficult for the title of this reason that we decided to split by reclassifying this post in part. The Great Wall of China Great Wall of ... Read More »

How to get more Google Page Rank?


Google page rank is the most talking thing for the webmaster and website owner for a different purpose. We all know Google changes and add review of their survey every year. You may know PR depend on quality backlink. I share your view but 50%. Only quality back link can’t get your PR quickly right now. Previously we saw if ... Read More »