Friday , 22 September 2017
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Mistle Thrush


Passeriformes Perching Birds Family: Turdidae – Thrushes The Mistle Thrush (Turdus viscivorus) is a bird common to much of Europe, Asia and North Africa. It is a year-round resident in much of its range, but northern and eastern populations migrate… Read More »

What Would Buddha Drive?


At EdenKeeper we aren’t afraid of providing affirmative answers to your deep theological questions. We’ve analyzed the Bible and told you what Jesus would drive if he was still performing miracles and healing the afflicted today. We looked closely… Read More »

How the zebra earned its stripes


Zebras have stripes to deter the tsetse and other blood-sucking flies, according to a fresh bid to settle a debate that has raged among biologists for over 140 years. Since the 1870s, in a dispute sparked by the founders of evolutionary theory Charles… Read More »

Its all about Twitter, a most famous micro blog !


Twitter is the world’s most famous micro blog. You can’t find such a social network in the virtual media. Here you can share your hopes, achievements, sorrows, failure, and what you have faced over your life. Beside that, you can also advertise your products, company etc. For this all you have to design your twitter account with best personality. Lets ... Read More »

Green Plumbing Ideas to Save you Big


You can reduce your water usage by at least 30 percent through green plumbing. Listed below are a number of options for you to think about when customizing your home or renovating. The changes you can make aren’t just limited to altering your appliances… Read More »