Friday , 22 September 2017
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Climate Change May Worsen Landslides


March 22, 2014, killer landslide near Seattle (photo: Kings County Sheriff’s Office). Last Saturday’s horrific mudslide 55 miles northeast of Seattle may unfortunately herald the shape of landmass movements to come, if climate change has its way… Read More »

Flight Tracking Apps and Websites


I’m sitting at home, thinking maybe it’s time to fly off somewhere on vacation. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I know that hundreds of planes are taking off and landing at local airports throughout the day and evening. But who’s up there… Read More »

Google wear : the new era of smart watch !

moto-360 show

Google I/O, years most important and interesting conference for Google. In I/O Google draw a road-map of their work for the next year. This year’s I/O will be take place soon. But before that, Google charming up the tech industry with their upcoming technology “Android Wear’’. Google already launches their products with LG and Motorola. But this time Google entering ... Read More »

New study exposes panda sweet tooth


In a blind taste test, eight out of eight pandas agree -- sugar is delicious. In a new study, scientists put the panda taste receptors to the test, wondering whether the cuddly critters would even notice the difference between plain water and the sweet… Read More »