Friday , 22 September 2017
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How to Inspire Others?


Have you ever looked up to someone or admired something about another person that really inspired you?  Well, there are certain qualities about a person’s character that enable them to inspire others, and there are steps you can take to awaken these same qualities in yourself.  Here’s how: Stick With What You Love Inspiring others isn’t easy.  The success rate of ... Read More »

Successful Persons Who Never Finished the school


Here’s a list of 50 people who did not finish school but went on to be very successful. George Washington ​President of the United States Abraham Lincoln ​​President of the United States Harry Truman ​​President of the United States Grover Cleveland ​​President of the United States Zachary Taylor ​​President of the United States Andrew Johnson ​​President of the United States ... Read More »