Thursday , 21 September 2017
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Let’s see the world by different eyes with ten great novel !

ten great novels

Just think, why we read novels. For fun, general knowledge Whatever actually some historical and funny novel are written in such a way of different eyes. Today will find the novels that can change the thought about world. 1. “Cat’s Cradle,” by Kurt Vonnegut Cat’s Cradle is about the danger of science falling into the wrong hands. The plot ... Read More »

How to get good performance in a interview?


Most people around us don’t know what it is employers are looking for in a responsive work. Don’t be fooled. here is a lot more to going on an interview than just showing up, shaking hands and walking away with a new job. In these days unemployment getting higher so you have to be perfect one to cope with your ... Read More »

Get smart by smart travel tips


Every trip makes some experiences in our life. These experiences runs with us untill we stop making trip. Sometimes we learn from travel tips and tricks. But the best way to learn from others real life experiences. Today we gonna expose some of the tricks what people experienced in their life. 1. Planning Tips: * Read up on the place ... Read More »

Make Money by doing some survey work !


Make money by doing some survey work. Share your thoughts and pick your comments. With the economy in the state, outsourcing is a growing trend, and high unemployment, many people are struggling to find ways to support themselves. People lost their jobs and do not know where to turn to find a replacement. Job It is particularly difficult for single parents, ... Read More »

Have you know about Internet Security?

BMI Salaf Ramadan Promo (A5 Flyer)

Internet is not safer place now. There are numerous viruses that can follow on your computer when downloads videos, browsing the Internet, opening a document, or check your email. Viruses can be very harmful to your computer as they can all kinds of effects, such as your computer may have slower, data are stolen, and the hardware may even be ... Read More »

Its all about Twitter, a most famous micro blog !


Twitter is the world’s most famous micro blog. You can’t find such a social network in the virtual media. Here you can share your hopes, achievements, sorrows, failure, and what you have faced over your life. Beside that, you can also advertise your products, company etc. For this all you have to design your twitter account with best personality. Lets ... Read More »