Thursday , 21 September 2017
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Places must be visited in Malaysia !

Visit Malaysia, truly Asia. Sometimes you may see it on TV Ad. Malaysia is a top destination for the travel lover people. Blend of Malays, Chinese and Indian populations build this modern Malaysia. A rich cultural heritage, unbelievable natural beauty, mind blowing beaches, cave exploration and river rafting made Malaysia the hottest Travel Destination around the world. Around three million ... Read More »

Get smart by smart travel tips


Every trip makes some experiences in our life. These experiences runs with us untill we stop making trip. Sometimes we learn from travel tips and tricks. But the best way to learn from others real life experiences. Today we gonna expose some of the tricks what people experienced in their life. 1. Planning Tips: * Read up on the place ... Read More »

Foods you should try when you are in France


France is a well known place for its interesting foods. The enthusiastic in France can easily attract you for long time. Every state or subcontinent has a great importance about their food. France’s extraordinary range of climates and geographies support the production of many different types of ingredients, resulting into a vary diverse range of culinary traditions. French meals range ... Read More »

Reasons to be visited in Spain


There are endless beauty and gorgeousness of this earth. Many of them are waiting to be visited. The beauty of every country, region is respectable. From them, Spain is a great one. Spain has something very unique to offer, and should be at the top of everyone’s travel list. From the food, to the culture, to the beautiful scenery, Spain ... Read More »

10 wonderful Beach Resorts in the World !


The world is our home. Here life start and ends, and its beauty of nature makes us tourist and crazy about nature. Today we came with a list of some breathtaking beaches that are complemented by some of the most luxurious resorts ever created. This following beaches located in some place those are well talked and most traveled for vacation. ... Read More »

A Spot of Tea in Sri Lanka


By Maria Russo The history of tea in Sri Lanka dates back to 1852 when a Scotsman by the name of James Taylor began cultivating the crop on the 19-acre Loolecondera Estate near Kandy. Today the country’s central highlands are brimming with tea bushes… Read More »