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Apple leads by following Android With iPhone 6 VoLTE !

apple iphone 6

Social networking sites and AT&T and Verizon’s mobile ads could lead one to believe that the Apple fabricated Voice Over LTE (VoLTE). In point of fact, it’s the primary Apple device customers will use to both do voice calls and use the net at quick speeds of 4G LTE. The iPhones couldn’t try this on wireless networks of Sprint and ... Read More »

Internet titans to boost Android encryption by joining Apple Inc!


Internet giant Google mentioned that they’re hardening encoding techniques on devices power-driven by their mobile OS systems conjointly with Apple. The move ought to mean that even the Govt. with its court-issued warrants are going to be blocked from obtaining hold of images, messages and different personal information hold on upcoming Android or Apple handsets and tablets. Google and Apple ... Read More »

Unbeatable Apple’s iWatch to solely hit markets on September 9 with an expected price of Rs.18154 !

Apple iWatch Image

iWatch can solely be out there in markets by the start of 2015.  The rumored release date of this flag shipped iOS friendly watch is September 9th. This will be a much expected wearable device from the tech giant Apple. According to CNET, the device can miss the height marketing season within the tech market. However, Apple authorities are refusing to investigate the problem. The gap between the disclosing and shipment of device is a sort of massive that is analogous to the primary iPhone that was declared in January 2007 ... Read More »

Galaxy Note 4’s release on September and challenges for iPhone 5 !


iPhone 6 is a best alternative for iPhone 5. But the techno-crazy people are waiting for a solid challenger for Apple. This September the two legends in arena of Smartphone, Samsung and Apple are launching the powerful Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone6 respectively. When rumors rolled out, we can see that the debut of Galaxy Note 4 will be a possible replacement for the ... Read More »

iPhone 5C (8GB) launched in India for Rs 37,500

iPhone 5c launched in India

Apple Inc has launched the 8GB version of its iphone 5c in Indian Market for Rs 37,500. The cost of the phone & its launch in the growing smartphone market in India, seems a move pointed at catching a bigger offer in it. Apple has announced that the new iphone 5c will be available in the Indian market over subsequent ... Read More »