Thursday , 21 September 2017
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In last years, technology has reached a higher place!


In last years technology has reached a higher place ever with some awesome gadgets. Day by day we are going to the wonderest part of science and technology. From the first smartphone, to the iPhone 5s, each year it seems as though we’ve finally reached the cusp of technological development. Yet each year we’re surprised anew as researchers and developers ... Read More »

New Technology: Tiny ear computer testing by Japan researchers !

tiny ear computer japan

Japan researchers testing a tiny ear computer that is worn on the ear as like your Bluetooth headphone. It can be controlled with the blink of an eye or the click of a tongue. The 17-gram (0.59-ounce) wireless device has Bluetooth capability and is equipped with a GPS, compass, gyro-sensor, battery, barometer, speaker and microphone. In recent times, Google Glass ... Read More »

Microsoft launches new app for women’s safety

Hyderabad: Microsoft India on Thursday said it is introducing Guardian, a new safety application (app), available exclusively for Windows phone users in India. Incidents such as ‘Nirbhaya’ prompted the global IT giant to come out with an app aiming at protecting women, Microsoft IT India Managing Director Raj Biyani said. Explaining its features, Biyani said Guardian enables users to switch ... Read More »

Beware! Someone is ‘spying’ on you online

MUMBAI: Someone is quietly profiling your every move online: snooping around what you tweet or scribble on FB or even scanning your emails to friends and family. If that sounds suspiciously close to stalking, marketers have a more polite name for the practice: mapping. While not a new phenomenon in India, it has become more critical given the growing importance ... Read More »